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Posted on 03/30/2017 in Category 1

How To Create A Truly Amazing Home Theatre Experience

How To Create A Truly Amazing Home Theatre Experience

Are you thinking about installing a home theatre but aren't sure where to start? This can be a major investment and an asset to your home, so you will want to make sure that everything is done right the first time. 

When you are trying to create the ultimate in home theatre systems, there are a lot of things to consider, including which electronics to buy and which home theatre installers should you speak to for advice and a quote to design and install it for you. Another consideration is how to set up the room to maximise your entertainment experience. To find out more, here's a guide on the top things to consider when investing in a home theatre...

Your Home Theatre's Centrepiece: The Television

This is arguably the most important part of the home theatre, and is probably the first one you think about. Here are some thinking points to create a Visually Stunning Theatre experience:

  • Do you want a wall-mounted or freestanding screen?
  • You also need to consider the type of screen; there are several different kinds available.
  • Finally, how what size screen would suit best?

Remember that it needs to fit the space available, so don't just buy the largest screen out there. Also keep in mind that a smaller screen may be more comfortable if you're sitting up close, and it'll be more energy efficient. Alternatively, if your home theatre will be enjoyed by many people, purchase a large screen and have the seats set a respectable distance away from it.

A Sound System Brings Life to Your Home Theatre

Don't rely on the low-quality, underwhelming speakers built into your TV. Install a set of independent speakers to bring your theatre experience to the next level. Which sound systems are right for you?

  • If your home theatre will be used for movie night with a crowd of friends, create an experience to remember with Surround Sound and a subwoofer.
  • Classical music aficionados will want a high-end model with Crystal Clear Sound that can accurately reproduce the intricacies of their music.
  • People on a budget can select a versatile, mid-range speaker system that offers flexibility for a reasonable price tag.

Seamless Integration: An Essential Task of the Home Theatre Network

There are other electronics that can be integrated into your home theatre. These may include:

  • video game consoles
  • a Blu-ray or DVD player
  • internet and wireless capability
  • other unusual features that you enjoy, such as your vinyl record player

Customising adds a level of complexity to a home theatre system that is challenging for a typical homeowner to set up by himself. For the simplest design and efficient setup, contact a good local electrician to handle this Home Theatre Integration for you. When set up correctly, you can operate any electronic device and switch to any other at just the press of a button.

Don't Forget About the Accessories

Now that you've picked your TV set and speaker system, it's time to think about often-missed details like accessories and other furniture. These can include:

What kind of remote control is right for you

You have two options. One is a big universal remote that can control every piece of your home theatre. This has the advantage that you'll only need to learn to use and keep track of one item. On the other hand, these can be expensive, complicated to set up and operate, and can close the home theatre early if you do lose it. Meanwhile, remotes tied to each component tend to be more affordable, as they come bundled with the item at purchase. Many people only regularly use one for the speaker system and one for the television. This setup may be perfect if you don't have a very complicated home theatre system.

A quality surge protector can save your home entertainment system

Make sure that your Home Theatre Installation includes a surge protector. Why? Because one lightning strike or power surge could turn your brand-new and expensive electronics into decorative paperweights. Surge protectors are one of the most affordable items in your home theatre system, so you can spend a little more to buy the best quality of unit. As a bonus, these can let you power down all of your entertainment devices in one step. This can help save on electricity as electronics use a trickle of power, even when they're turned off.

Seek out comfortable seating

Home theatre seating should not be overlooked as it is an important consideration that will allow you to enjoy hours of entertainment in comfort. What you invest in will depend on how you plan to use the home theatre. If you enjoy watching television or playing video games on your own, look for the most comfortable armchair in your price range. Some seating may have ergonomic design features including lower back support, cup holders integrated into the arms, and built-in adjustable footrests. However, if you throw a regular movie night for family and friends, you will need to make sure there's enough seating for everyone. Look for sectional couches and armchairs that can be pushed out of the way when not needed. Try to find furniture that's practical and sturdy and easy to wipe clean.

Create a Thoughtfully Designed Room

Before having your entertainment centre installed, spend a little time in the room and think about the Home Theatre Design. Consider how you can convert the room into the optimal comfortable viewing space. Here are some thinking points:

  • Do you have enough distance between pieces of furniture? You do need to be able to move in and out of the room easily.
  • Do you have enough space for the cabinet or shelves to store your Blu-ray, DVD disks and vinyl records? Also, measure the doorway to ensure the furniture will fit through it.
  • Have you accounted for sources of glare on the screen? These can come from poorly placed overhead lights, or sunlight angling in through the window in the afternoon.

It can be helpful to sketch out the room and come up with a floor plan. However, balancing all of these concerns can be a complicated process. You should consider hiring an expert to ensure that you end up with exactly the type of experience you envisage, or better.

If you happen to be located anywhere near Brisbane, we thoroughly recommend Definitive Electrical Services for advice on how to customise your home theatre so it gives you a truly amazing home theatre experience.