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Posted on 10/12/2016 in Category 1

Are You Guilty Of This Absolute Number One Deadly Business Sin of All Time?

Are You Guilty Of This Absolute Number One Deadly Business Sin of All Time?

Why Failing To Keep In Touch With Your Existing Customers On A Regular And Consistent Basis Will Cost You Big Money...By Brent Crowley


Rule #1 - Don't waste money acquiring new customers before reading on... 

So what is The Absolute Number One Deadly Business Sin of All Time? 

Well it’s sitting there, right in front of you, as you’re reading this. It’s that massive pot of gold, the one thing you ignore daily that you know you shouldn’t. 


Failing To Keep In Touch With Your Existing Customers On A Regular And Consistent Basis!!! 

OK, time to fess up here, and you need you to be honest with yourself… 

When was the last time you took a few minutes away from your busy schedule to make contact with all of your customers? And I don’t mean occasionally picking up the phone and having a yack to one or two of them. 

I mean ALL of your customers. 

Well, when was it? 

Was it last week, last month, last year, or worse still…you can’t even remember. 

I can see some of you hanging your heads in shame. 

Don’t despair though, it’s never too late to start. And if you’ve read this far, we’re getting to the good bit. 

First of all…and this is IMPORTANT…You don’t have to be a genius at marketing or an amazing communicator. 

However, you will need a little bit of discipline… 

So pick up your diary or open your calendar and block out 60 minutes of your time (preferably first thing in the morning, away from your office before your work day starts). Name the event “nurture my customers” 

Next, when the day arrives and the “nurture my customers” reminder starts flashing on your PC, and you’re tempted to hit the dismiss button, or you’ve glanced at your diary entry and thought “I’ll do it later", do the following... 

Just switch off your phone, put it where you can’t even see it, close down your email, find a quiet space that’s free of all interruptions and put a sign on your door. 

Then grab your laptop or a pen and paper and get ready to write a quick letter to your customers. If you have a thousand customers, of course you’re not going to write a thousand letters. You’re only going to write one letter which can be sent to all of them. 

(if you haven’t already turned off your phone and closed your email down, DO IT

Remember… Your letter doesn’t need to be grammatically perfect. 

There’s no need for you to have JK Rowling’s storytelling ability or the eloquence of Charles Dickens. 

And you’re not aiming to be the next spelling bee champion either. 

Your letter just needs to be from you…in your words…talking directly to them… your valued customer.

  • If you’ve appreciated their business, tell them.
  • If you sincerely believe your services are of value to them, let them know.
  • If you can provide your customers with some type of incentive to do business with you again, show them how they can take advantage of your offer.

Your letter can be as long as you like, or as short as you like. 

Even if it’s only 3 or 4 sentences, it’s all good. 

Once you’re done, you’ll need someone to send it out for you. And that can be via email or by post. 

If you want it posted… 

Anyone who can use Word, can mail merge your letter with your customer list. Then you just print the letters, stuff the envelopes and send the mail. NOTE: if you are determined to do this yourself, there are plenty of How To videos on Youtube. 

If you don’t have someone within your business to take care of this, there are many companies that’ll do it for minimal cost. They’ll make sure your letter is mail-merged, printed and folded, placed in a stamped, addressed envelope and delivered to the post office. Typically the cost is very reasonable. 

If you prefer emailing your letter, even to a thousand or more customers, you can do it for next to nothing… 

There are many inexpensive ways for sending your individually personalised email. In fact I know of a good one that’s totally free and relatively easy to use. It’s Mailchimp, and if you are emailing less than 2000 customers, it’s free. 

However, if you really want to stress less knowing that every aspect of your customer contact is on autopilot, then click here. 

Cheers...Brent Crowley BK Business Boosters 

PS: If you would like a FREE copy of my “Nurture My Customers” template letter, which you can customise or use as is within your own business, click here.